Impact Areas



We work with health systems, health plans, and service providers to help them improve value—to attain better outcomes for lower or equal cost. Our specialty is structuring transactions to drive capital to projects that pay social and financial dividends. The most valuable thing we can do is help you build organizational capacity so that you can connect funding with outcomes on your own. Most of our work in health focuses on population health, social determinants of health, Medicare, Medicaid and payment reform.



We’ll work with you to structure Environmental Impact Bonds—a twist on the Pay For Success concept we pioneered in 2016 with DC Water—to accelerate the deployment of innovative, environmental solutions. We can help you pilot untested solutions, scale proven solutions, and align stakeholders—all by mitigating up-front risk with impact investment. Our environmental work currently focuses on green infrastructure and other resilience projects, coastal restoration, partnerships with upstream farmers to address water issues, urban wood disposition, and Forest Service recreation infrastructure. Read more



Education and workforce development

We structure Pay For Success and similar transactions to finance interventions that connect education and credential attainment with job training and placement. We’ll work with you to source impact investment deals that overcome funding gaps due to decline in federal and philanthropic grants. Our education work focuses on student-centric solutions, teacher training, EdTech, charter schools, and workforce development.