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Rethinking the Economics and Dignity of Advanced Illness Care

CEO Eric Letsinger reflects on his participation at C-TAC’s National Summit on Advanced Illness Care — an inspiring gathering of professionals committed to finding better ways to care for those facing the final chapters of their lives.

Katie Smith Sloan, CEO, LeadingAge

Katie Smith Sloan, CEO, LeadingAge


I met Katie for this interview on a gorgeous April day in 2017 in her office, which is warm, inviting, and overlooks DC’s Rock Creek Park – lush and alive on one of DC’s rare, humidity-free Spring days. She was wrapping up a complex call with some of her members and Congressional leaders, who were thinking through the potential implications of the Affordable Care Act “Repeal and Replace” proposal on the seniors that LeadingAge and its members serve. As she hangs up and turns her attention to this interview, her ability to shift gears so quickly and decisively, as if both meetings carried equal weight, struck me as a likely reason that Katie has been so successful in her life. She’s ready to go, so we jump right in…

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investment and innovation combine to create water solutions in the midwest

Water is a major priority in the work that Quantified Ventures does in designing and structuring Environmental Impact Bonds (EIB). Learn more about this and the Midwest Water Summit on our Medium page below..

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Tri-sector Fellows Inspire on their Journey to Impact

We believe empathy fuels success across private, nonprofit and public sector. Read about this and more on our Medium page below..

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Using Pay for Success, Connected Health Solutions Could Be a Reality...Sooner

Brendan O'Connor, QV's Associate Director, spent a couple days at the Connected Health Conference in Boston and discussed the role of impact investing to scale connected health. Read it on our Medium page below...

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Creative Minds + Challenging the Health System = Solid Recipe for Goodness

Eric Letsinger, QV's CEO and Founder, spent the last couple of days at Milken Institute's Future of Health Summit and found a 'Recipe for Goodness.' Read it on our Medium page below...

Shannon Cunniff, Director of Coastal Resilience, Environmental Defense Fund

Shannon Cunniff, Director of Coastal Resilience, Environmental Defense Fund

A conversation with Shannon Cunniff

Shannon Cunniff has spent much of her career convincing people to partner with nature to mitigate the devastating costs and effects of inevitable river and coastal flooding. In her role at EDF, she brought on Quantified Ventures to deploy the Environmental Impact Bond (EIB) model to protect wetlands in coastal Louisiana. Quantified Ventures' CEO Eric Letsinger sat down with Shannon to better understand what drives her. See the conversation here..

Ron Klausner, CEO, Graduation Alliance

Ron Klausner, CEO, Graduation Alliance

A conversation with Ron Klausner

Quantified Ventures sat down with Ron Klausner, CEO of Graduation Alliance and a leader in the education space. We discussed his path to leading a nationally-recognized EdTech social enterprise, what motivated him to keep going, and who has influenced him throughout his journey. See our conversation below..

Ellie Hollander, CEO, Meals on Wheels America

Ellie Hollander, CEO, Meals on Wheels America

A conversation with Ellie Hollander

Ellie runs into the interview room…literally. She moves, and talks, quickly – always. She never stops. A highly accomplished softball shortstop, one can easily imagine her in that position…likely lots of colorful and encouraging chatter for her pitcher, likely some smack talk to the opposing batter, her feet likely never stopped moving. That’s Ellie. Everyday, she is a force of perpetual forward progress and momentum. “Let’s do this,” she says…so, here we go…

Mark Kim, CFO, DC Water

Mark Kim, CFO, DC Water

A Conversation with mark kim

Mark Kim arrives to Quantified Ventures’ offices, early as always, with a warm smile as if this is the meeting he’s been waiting for all day. This is typical. Having worked closely with him for the better part of a year to construct the world’s first Environmental Impact Bond (EIB), I’ve never seen him have a bad day despite the enormous responsibilities he carries as the CFO of the DC Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water). He starts by saying he’s sincerely excited to reflect on the project and its broader context. You see, Mark is man of action...