We have access to an ever-increasing source of impact investment capital—a source of funding that wants to invest in projects that drive predictable environmental, health, and education outcomes. This creates opportunities for public leaders to advance projects that might not have otherwise moved forward. It creates an opportunity for you to share the financial performance risk with impact investors while still maintaining control of the project itself. This is not outsourcing or privatizing—it’s all about letting governments, health systems and educational systems pay for outcomes rather than just process or activity.

There is a lot of impact capital sitting on the sidelines, looking for transactions like the ones you're envisioning. Managed U.S. assets committed to impact investing grew from $640 billion in 1995 to $6.6 trillion in 2014 (Forum for Sustainable Investment).

Quantified Ventures can help you tap into this capital by structuring outcomes-based financing arrangements. We believe this new source of capital—impact investing—isn’t going away, and we want to help you figure out how to leverage it to meet your mission.

By blending the strengths of the social, private, and public sectors—and empowering them with impact investment—we can make your outcomes financeable, scalable and sustainable.

SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMpact Bonds (Pay for success)

We work with private and nonprofit service providers, health systems, health plans, and governments to design and execute Pay for Success projects, from start to finish.

We bring deep transaction experience, a proven methodology,  and the creativity needed to ensure success.