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Dementia360 Care Model

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Status: Active

Quantified Ventures is supporting a leading Pennsylvania-based Senior Care provider in scaling Dementia360, a high-potential, evidence-based model of care for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia-related diseases (ADRD). Outcomes-based capital will enable critical investments in technology, data analytics, and staffing to increase program efficiency. Structuring supportive payor-customer relationships will expand the model to more patients, providing the volume needed to prove-out and expand the impact of the program to more families.


The impacts of ADRD are costly, significant and growing, affecting more than 12% of individuals over age 65 and approximately 40% of individuals over age 85. Annual per capita costs for Medicare beneficiaries with ADRD are 3-5 times greater than those without ADRD. Moreover, the impacts extend across to patient’s families and their communities—more than 40% of family caregivers report reducing their own working hours to care for family member with ADRD.


The Dementia360 care model focuses on understanding and addressing the individual needs of the patient, with an emphasis on facilitating close connectivity to primary care, support for chronic disease management, and guided access to behavioral and other critical resources. The model places equal emphasis on support for family caregivers, providing them with training, education, and other services to enhance their ability to support the needs of the patient. Quantified Ventures is assisting this Senior Care provider in creating an outcomes-based investment in the underlying program infrastructure and by securing supportive payor-customer relationships.


The care model is designed to reduce unnecessary and avoidable healthcare expenses and premature entry of patients into long-term care facilities, reducing emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and avoidable readmissions. With the emphasis on caregiver support, the model is also designed to increase the quality of life for patients and caregivers alike, reducing stress and the need for missed work and other impacts.

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