What We Believe


We believe in blending the strengths of the social, private, and public sectors to make social and environmental outcomes not just financeable, but profitable.

We structure outcomes-based transactions and drive capital toward proven solutions and promising innovations across the health, environment, and education sectors. Quantified Ventures is a social enterprise—there is value in what we do and our model allows us to help you access the capital you need to scale and thrive.



As measured optimists, we believe our work will pave the way for creating a marketplace for outcomes-based transactions that address society's toughest problems in health, the environment, and education.

This work is not for the faint of heart. We work with brave innovators, risk takers, pragmatists, and optimists. If we discover a workable, profitable structure for you, we'll take a run at it with you. If we solve it together, we can replicate it together, thus creating sustainable revenue streams for our clients. 



We believe this new source of capital—impact investing—isn't going away, and we want to help you figure out how to leverage it for good.

Not all of the projects end where we thought they would at the beginning. There is great value in the journey towards aligning your funding to outcomes. With Quantified Ventures as your partner, we’ll help you get through the first few transactions while building your internal capacity and expertise to do these on your own going forward.

Let’s not overcomplicate these projects…let’s simplify them…together.