Director of Health

Located Washington, DC

Quantified Ventures exists to support the progress of the social enterprise community through social impact investing. We work with nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, health plans, health systems, and governments who demonstrate capacity for transformative social good, helping them to tap into the financial resources needed to sufficiently scale operations and deliver meaningful impact. We do this primarily through Pay for Success (PFS), also known as Social Impact Bond (SIB), transactions. By negotiating purposeful partnerships between leaders across sectors, we are able to accelerate funding that will result in greater societal benefits. Our clients are empowered with the confidence to make informed, insightful business decisions - knowing exactly what investments will and won’t work, and why. 



Our PFS service offering in the healthcare vertical involves working with private and nonprofit service providers, Medicare and Medicaid health plans, health systems, large employers, and governments to design and execute PFS projects, from due diligence through project close.  

Prospect due diligence: Quantified Ventures seeks high-quality projects with clients who have a realistic opportunity to be successful in structuring a PFS project. We analyze their business operations, target market working experience, growth strategy, and other areas before determining whether to work with a prospect.

Feasibility assessments: Ensuring service provider and payor readiness to participate in outcomes-based contracts. The major components of this phase of work include defining the intervention, target population, geography, budget, outcomes, and investor risk, with the goal of providing clients with a transparent and accurate assessment as to whether PFS, or perhaps another funding model, is the best funding option to scale the desired intervention. 

Regulatory and compliance analysis: In the government-sponsored healthcare space, ensuring that financial transactions are fully compliant with State and, in some cases, Federal regulations is vital in mitigating investor and project. A core element of the feasibility phase and transaction structuring phase is a thorough regulatory and compliance analysis with client and external stakeholders.

Project management and transaction structuring: A major role of structuring a PFS transaction involves managing multiple stakeholders with differing priorities and levels of project readiness. Moving each stakeholder through our methodology while being attentive, responsive, and flexible to their individual needs is a requirement to efficiently structure a transaction.

Evaluation design: Determining with the stakeholders the desired level of rigor to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. There are pluses and minuses to various evaluation approaches that will impact the project budget, timeline, and ability to achieve lasting policy change. Understanding the differences and guiding the stakeholders to the best approach for the specific project is critical. Managing the independent evaluation designer to project timeline and expectations is expected.

Financial modeling and outcomes pricing: Quantified Ventures’ deal structuring team leads the financial modeling of the transaction. Developing a robust budget required to enable scale and project success is an early step that we conduct with our service provider clients. Layering on projected outcomes, timelines, outcomes effect sizes, and projected cost savings leveraging payor historical data to establish baselines is required for a robust, and investor-grade transaction model. Understanding the necessary inputs and managing the iteration of the model as key project decisions are made will be an ongoing process throughout the transaction structuring phase through the closing of the investment.

Capital Raising: Quantified Ventures advises social enterprises in preparing for and attracting impact investment capital. We help our clients develop robust growth plans, prioritize and reach out to potential investors, and advise on term negotiations with the goal of raising the required capital to scale interventions and social impact.

Post-project launch management: Once the capital is secured, the project begins. While much of Quantified Ventures’ work is related to structuring investable projects, there is a large role that we play in ensuring the ongoing success of the project by managing to contract and evaluation model while knowing when to adjust course to maximize the likelihood of achieving outcomes. 

rOLE and Responsibilities

The Director of Health will play an instrumental role within the rapidly growing Quantified Ventures team and will serve as a member of the senior management team. Reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer, this position will contribute to the growth and development of all areas of the business’ health vertical, including strategy, business development, product development, client service delivery, operations, and marketing.

The Director of Health will have primary responsibility for:

  1. Designing and implementing the strategies for health-specific business development, sales, and prospective client due diligence;
  2. Managing the delivery of high-impact consulting services to health clients,
  3. Fostering and managing strategic industry partnerships with investors, health insurers, governments, health systems, and;
  4. Advancing industry-specific thought leadership and marketing initiatives.

Business Development: In collaboration with the CEO and other members of the management team, the Director of Health will build upon the health vertical’s 100% year-over-year growth from 2016 - 2017 by developing and implementing a detailed growth strategy. The Director of Health will be responsible for the delivery of compelling, creative, and efficient proposals to prospective clients.

Client Services: Creativity, excellence, efficiency, candor, and timeliness are the expectations. The Director of Health will:

  • Develop and grow trusting relationships with clients and prospective clients;
  • Manage all aspects of client engagements including budgets, action plans, milestones, communications, and presentations;
  • Together with the Associate Director of Deal Structuring, establish compelling, high-value work products and deliverables;
  • Attract, inspire, motivate, and retain top talent;
  • Supervise all staff within the health vertical, and;
  • Develop skills, capabilities, and experiences of staff.

Strategic Partnerships: The Pay for Success space requires a fluid understanding of the goals and priorities of vastly different stakeholders. The Director of Health will be expected to proactively establish and maintain strategic relationships with investors, governments, health insurers, health systems, patient groups, foundations, strategic partners, and other key stakeholders.

Thought Leadership: Recognizing that the impact investing space is young, and as a community we are all still learning, we value collaboration and openness with our many partners. The Director of Health will seek collaborative opportunities to advance the field through the joint authorship of white papers, online postings, and speaking opportunities. Further, the exploration of innovations on the PFS and outcomes-based funding models will be encouraged with the goal of maximizing the interest and understanding of the traditional healthcare system. 



Quantified Ventures is a fast-paced, creative, supportive and collaborative environment that keeps clients’ needs front and center. We are seeking entrepreneurial candidates with the drive, can-do attitude, creativity, commitment to innovation, and attention to detail to help the Quantified Ventures team advance the organization’s mission and grow the health vertical. More specifically, candidates must have:

  • 10+ years of direct healthcare industry experience in the areas of financing, policy, compliance, or strategy;
  • Healthcare regulatory and compliance expertise strongly preferred;
  • Graduate degree (MBA, MPH, and/or MPP) preferred;
  • Consulting and project delivery experience strongly preferred;
  • Sales and business development experience preferred;
  • Deep healthcare expertise in the areas of finance, policy, and/or operations,
  • Relationships with CMS, HHS, Managed Care Organizations, health systems, and state Medicaid departments preferred;
  • Relationships with health-focused national foundations preferred;
  • Deep understanding of value-based care, Medicare, and Medicaid;
  • Deep understanding of social and non-medical determinants of health;
  • Top-notch listening and communications skills;
  • Highest standards of client service delivery excellence and integrity;
  • Track record of successfully implementing multiple complex projects across numerous clients against aggressive and demanding timelines;
  • Experience in managing strong teams of thoughtful, creative, passionate, analytical, diverse, hard-working, and independent-minded professionals;
  • Ability to manage the work of others in such a manner that leverages the strengths of each team member, unleashes their full potential towards the advancement of client objectives, and fosters an environment of collaboration and shared success, and;
  • An ability to bring humor, joy, and humility into this groundbreaking work. 



Please send cover letter and resume to Brendan O’Connor (Quantified Ventures Impact Manager) at (Subject line: Director of Health, Washington, DC). Review of applications will begin immediately.

Quantified Ventures, LLC is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will be afforded equal employment opportunities without discrimination because of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, or genetic information.