Laura Drescher headshot portrait.jpg

Laura Drescher, Senior Associate

With her experience supporting a broad, regional, consensus-driven partnership, Laura is familiar with the challenges of implementing environmental projects at all levels of government. She uses her knowledge of defining measurable environmental outcomes to help clients specify success.

Laura earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Studies from American University, with a specialization in Global Environmental Policy. After working as an intern with the Office of Policy at US EPA, she decided to grow her career in the domestic environmental field. She has worked with small business and regulators to reach consensus on recommended changes to regulations, made recommendations to streamline a wastewater discharge reporting process, and developed twelve new indicators of progress in Chesapeake Bay restoration, protection and stewardship. Her five years in the Office of Policy and three years at the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program Office in Annapolis confirmed her desire to work toward environmental stewardship, but Laura saw a need to reconsider “business as usual” to achieve desired environmental outcomes. She discovered environmental finance as a potential avenue outside of government that could reshape delivery of environmental services, and Quantified Ventures as an exciting organization within that space. As a member of the Environment Team at Quantified Ventures, Laura adeptly employs her experience working with stakeholders and defining environmental outcomes, through pay for success financing techniques under the environmental impact bond model.

Outside of the office, Laura enjoys visiting the local library and sampling the “local” wines near (Maryland and Virginia) and far (Portugal and Argentina). She hails from the Philadelphia area and currently lives in Washington, DC, where there’s always a new restaurant to try.