What Our Clients Say

Paul winkler, president & CEO
Presbyterian Senior Care Network

“We had the innovation idea and Quantified Ventures has the outcomes-based financing and healthcare expertise to position us for a bold business opportunity. Now we can scale improvements for the wellbeing of our customers.”

city of Atlanta, Department of Watershed Management

“The more we learned about Environmental Impact Bonds, the more it became a ’no-brainer.’”

jacqueline emanuel, director
NATIOnal partnership office, u.s. forest service

“Quantified Ventures has been an essential partner as the Forest Service strives to innovate to solve our most pressing economic, social and ecological issues. They have been able to bring forest dependent sectors together in an unprecedented way, and as a result, we are seeing more efficient and more effective outcomes in the communities we serve.”

Karen Dale, CEO
AmeriHealth Caritas DC

“It’s transformative from Day 1 in the structuring process. You’re enabling us to connect dots, find value, and create payment sources to drive meaningful change. We have wicked, thorny problems. We’re missing lots of pieces of the puzzle we’re working on together, but the Pay For Success structuring process helps us find them, create them; at a minimum, we will identify which pieces are missing.”


Mark Kim, CFO
DC Water Authority

“Quantified Ventures designed, managed and helps us close the nation’s first Environmental Impact Bond, a Pay For Success transaction. They served as an invaluable partner to DC Water as we embarked upon our inaugural foray into the impact investing space through this green infrastructure project. I am delighted to recommend QV without reservation to any organization evaluating Pay For Success.”


Ellie Hollander, President & CEO
Meals on Wheels America

“We highly recommend Quantified Ventures! With their unique knowledge, rigor, experience and method in the social impact space, they serve as our PFS Transaction Coordinator on multiple projects across the country to help our members scale operations that will benefit vulnerable seniors for years to come.”


Mark Boutin, CEO
National Health Council

“We engaged Quantified Ventures in an attempt to diversify our traditional funding model. Their ability to listen, think creatively, translate big ideas into concrete, implementable actions and leverage their capital expertise enabled us to structure and launch the nation’s first Patient-Centric Healthcare Accelerator to infuse the patient’s voice into product design within early stage health tech companies.”


Lori kaplan Boutin, President & CEO
Latin American Youth Center

“We’ve had an AWESOME experience working with Quantified Ventures on our Pay For Success Project. We efficiently moved together through the Feasibility Phase into the Transaction Structuring Phase. It was clear from the outset that we shared the same values, could work well together and would get this job done.”


Alice Lutz, CEO
Triangle Family Services

“Herding cats -- that’s what Quantified Ventures did for us. They provided data structure, tools and processes that allowed us to lead EFFICIENTLY in the collective impact arena around pay for success models without getting bogged down in the fluff. Thanks for steering our journey in the right direction!”


John Walsh, CEO
COPD Foundation

“Quantified Ventures came highly recommended to us for their innovative approach to helping service providers access impact capital. We needed a ‘can do’ partner with deep private, public and nonprofit sector experience to support our business venture design process. The Quantified Ventures team has been a driving force on our technology-enabled service project that shows great promise to sustainably finance our efforts to find a cure far into the future. Highly recommend this team!”


Kathy Gregersen, President & CEO
Mental Health Resources

“We contracted with Quantified Ventures to complete a Pay for Success feasibility study. Throughout the process, we remained impressed with their deep level of understanding of our work, their approach to business, and their passion for solving challenging problems in our society. Their efficient and creative approach aligned really well with our agency’s value of finding sustainable solutions to increasing outcomes for our clients.”


Connie Millstein, CEO, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

“Quantified Ventures’ passion for building better businesses to serve those who need it most is inspiring…and contagious. By working with them, we ended up thinking bigger and doing bigger. Smart, candid, funny and creative…they clearly love what they do….and so do we!”


Dr. Jonas Chartock, CEO
Leading Educators

“Quantified Ventures has been a tremendous asset to Leading Educators. We needed smart, unbiased, and growth-minded insights infused into our strategic planning, so we called on them. They brought a wealth of experience in the business and education fields along with a passion, humor, and commitment to good work that injected much-needed energy into our growth process. They roll up their sleeves in a thought-provoking and collaborative manner, creating a fun and productive environment for us to charter our growth for the future.”


Kim Thiboldeaux, CEO
Cancer Support Community

“Quantified Ventures worked side-by-side with our teams through a data-driven, inclusive and creative process towards clearly-defined goals and meaningful outcomes. They are motivated by mission and passion for the work...they bring a strong work ethic combined with humor to move social enterprises towards a new way of looking at our work and our potential for higher impact.”


Matt Loper, CEO

“From day one, Quantified Ventures has served as an invaluable resource as Wellth enters the social impact space. Their team brings unparalleled experience, contacts, and energy to the process of structuring and executing Pay for Success deals. Most importantly, everyone in the organization is a pleasure to work with and are all genuinely great people who care deeply about driving impactful innovation and progress in the world.”


Michael Bassik, President Global Digital Operations &
EVP/Managing Director

MDC Partners

“The team at Quantified Ventures consistently brings expert advice, creative problem-solving and operational expertise to our most challenging business objectives, enabling us to seize opportunities and scale our business for today and the long-term.”