Catherine stapleton, Director

Catherine Stapleton joined Quantified Ventures from national healthcare consulting firm where she worked on long-term growth strategy with providers and advised private equity firms and lenders on their investment decisions within the healthcare industry. She was drawn to Quantified Ventures by the potential to be more creative and impact-driven with investment dollars and hopes through her work here to push the boundaries of the current reimbursement structures in health.

After spending the last seven years in the healthcare world—from population health management, to employee wellness, to benefits analysis—Catherine understands that this industry is quite complex and can be extremely confusing. This is probably why she’s so passionate about being the one to sort through all the noise by identifying care and payment models that make sense to the provider, patient, and payor, and by translating data analysis into purposeful real life applications.

Catherine’s vast understanding of the healthcare world has allowed her to co-produce several white papers, land several speaking engagements, write a book—The Hospice Guide to Billing and Reimbursement: Durable Guidance and Strategy for a Shifting Payment Landscape—and, most recently, be recruited to be an adjunct professor at the University of Baltimore. There, she teaches “Health Insurance and Prepaid Healthcare” to graduate students and “Quality Improvement and Healthcare” to undergrads. She also teaches intensive Pilates at [solidcore].

Catherine holds a Master’s Degree in Health Systems Management from the University of Baltimore. When she’s not working, teaching, or otherwise saving the world, she likes to train for races or hike in Rock Creek Park with her hound mix Tulla.