Marketing Director

Washington, DC


Quantified Ventures is an impact investing and social enterprise advisory firm. We identify, due diligence, and structure transactions to deploy impact capital to scale proven social and environmental solutions. We operate in two primary verticals: Environment and Health.

The large and growing market for impact investment capital is challenging the former notion of a trade-off between financial and social returns. By deploying impact capital to social enterprises that are demonstrably creating positive impact, we can support their sustainability and accelerate society’s ability to address the world’s most pressing challenges. At Quantified Ventures, we simplify access to impact capital to scale solutions and interventions that drive true social change through innovative financing mechanisms.


Quantified Ventures serves innovative organizations in the social, public, and private sectors as advisors in identifying, designing, and structuring impact investment transactions, primarily through outcomes-based financing. We advise nonprofit organizations and private social enterprises with a demonstrated track record and evidence of program outcomes in preparing for and securing impact capital. We help governments, health plans, health systems, and public agencies align payment with the achievement of outcomes. Lastly, we work with impact investors to optimize their capital deployment strategies to maximize social and financial returns.

Leveraging our own tri-sector experience, we believe that moving the needle on the biggest social challenges will be driven by collaborative leadership from public, private and social sectors. Most critically, we bring a maniacal focus on transaction efficiencies and scalable investment products because we believe that will be core to enabling a self-sustainable impact investing market.


The Marketing Director reports directly to the CEO and works in concert with all staff members - helping both the Environment and Health & Human Services teams to effectively communicate and disseminate their work to a range of audiences.  The Marketing Director is a key member of the Management Team and contributes to the growth and development of many areas of the business including:

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Strategic Planning

  • Client Delivery

  • Financial, Human Resources and Operations Planning

More specifically, the Marketing Director will:

  1. Own the responsibility of crafting our narrative/messaging for our company’s overall story

    • Optimize organizational messaging for prospective clients and partners

    • Sharpen and simplify our articulation of the value proposition we offer through our products and services

    • Design and implement thought leadership strategies that both grow the market  we are making and establish a strong footprint for Quantified Ventures within it

    • Design and manage processes for measuring and communicating our company’s impact, both quantitatively and qualitatively

    • Design and execute marketing and business development initiatives that drive market awareness, product education, and sales leads

    • Work with relevant staff to design and manage annual sales and marketing plans and budgets

  2. Support the company’s efforts to deliver superior quality products and services to our clients

    • Design high quality client products (e.g., deliverables, reports, fact sheets, graphics)

    • Produce innovative, high quality, and efficient templates and tools (e.g., proposals, presentation decks, deliverables) for staff to leverage in their BD, sales, and client delivery efforts

    • Design and manage client feedback elicitation process, refining tools for periodic assessment of satisfaction and perception of QV value

  3. Systematically manage all external communications with multiple  stakeholder groups, including: Advisory Board members, investors, clients, prospects, partners and service providers.

    • Manage the production of all Advisory Board communications and meeting materials,

    • Design, deliver and continuously improve all sales and marketing collateral and touchpoint materials, channels, and systems including:

      • Manage company e-newsletter including design, content and administration

      • Manage and continuously improve all web site strategies, functions and content

      • Manage all social media channels to create engaged, action-oriented stakeholder community mobilizing overall growth and market expansion

      • Design, refresh, and strategically disseminate corporate fact sheets, case studies, infographics, testimonials, and other supportive materials

      • Own and manage Customer Relationship Management system contacts and oversight

  4. Represent Quantified Ventures Management Team at external events

    • Work collaboratively with our Management Team and PR firm to drive media outreach and engagement.

    • Serve as a credible, senior voice and product ambassador to external stakeholders at conferences, meetings, convenings, etc.


We are seeking candidates with both content knowledge (e.g., environment/health, finance/consulting) as well as deep functional expertise who brings both public and private sector work experience.  The successful candidate will bring expertise in:

  • Branding: Optimally position Quantified Ventures within the markets we serve

  • Marketing and Sales: Design and deliver initiatives that educate and engage prospects and partner targets that shorten sales cycles

  • Communications: Design and create compelling, informative, and engaging materials for multiple stakeholder audiences

  • Strategic and Operations Planning: Work with the Management Team to develop goals and strategies, reason backwards to craft execution plans to reach these goals via strategies 

  • Data Management: Define marketing success in both qualitative and quantitative terms and measure progress via data collected and managed.


Quantified Ventures is a fast-paced, creative, supportive, and collaborative consulting environment that keeps clients’ needs front and center. We seek an entrepreneurial candidate with the drive, can-do attitude, creativity, commitment to innovation, and attention to detail to help the Quantified Ventures team advance its mission and the broader field.

  • Bachelor’s degree required. Graduate degree preferred.

  • 10+ years of blended marketing and communications experience in areas of project or public finance, business management/development , public management, consulting, and strategy.

  • Strong people, and program management skills, with practice navigating complex projects and partner relationships while delivering effectively and on time.

  • Excellent written and oral communications skills, top-notch listening and communications skills.

  • Ability to manage multiple and competing projects and priorities.

  • Ability to bring humor, intellectual curiosity, joy and humility into this groundbreaking work.

  • Passion for advancing the field of innovative finance.

  • Willingness to travel


Please send cover letter and resume to Eric Letsinger at with the subject line of “Marketing Director”.

Quantified Ventures, LLC is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will be afforded equal employment opportunities without discrimination because of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, or genetic information.