Brendan O’Connor is Director of Business Development at Quantified Ventures, where he brings deep healthcare consulting, project management, and advocacy experience, as well as a demonstrated track record of developing and advancing strategic relationships among parties with differing priorities — a necessity in the world of impact investing.

Prior to joining Quantified Ventures, he was an Associate at Tauzin Consultants, where he supported a range of clients—from Fortune 500 to pre-revenue startups—in the health care, communications, and energy sectors through strategic advocacy, business development, fundraising, targeted marketing initiatives and the implementation of lean principles. While at Tauzin, Brendan helped plan and design a spin-off business accelerator and fund that would support promising early stage health care companies.

Before Tauzin, Brendan advanced the legislative priorities for health care clients with former Congressman Bill Brewster’s government-relations firm, Capitol Hill Consulting Group. Brendan’s experience seeing how government funding was appropriated and programs evaluated led him to believe there could be a better way—this is what drew him to outcomes-based contracting and financing, and ultimately, to Quantified Ventures. Though fascinated by the financing component of our work, Brendan is inspired by bringing people and groups together to create a collective impact that benefits communities.

In 2012, Brendan co-founded Raise Your City, a social venture that raised significant funding for DC-based nonprofits by lowering barriers for young DC residents to engage directly in local philanthropic initiatives and events.

A North Carolina native now residing in Denver, Brendan earned his B.A. in International Studies from Elon University. When he’s not indulging his guilty obsessions (Duke basketball and Manchester United football), Brendan is embracing his new status as a Coloradan and exploring new terrain, enjoying live music, and camping.